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Our Services
At Food Connection, we provide a wide range of services, from overview of Japanese food intake pattern to planning a specific nutrition program and project; based on your objectives, we can provide you with highly individualized plans.

Food and Nutrition Consulting:

■For the food industry and organizations:

・Analytical data on Japanese food intakes and nutrition,
・Planning nutrition promotion strategy,
・Nutrition program planning,
・Menu planning,
・Nutrition labeling advice,
・Cooking video, etc.

■For the tourism, leisure industry and organizations:

・Cooking classes for foreign visitors,
・Restaurant tour for foreign visitors,
・Supervise educational tools based on Japanese food and culture.

■For the sports teams and athletes:

・Individualized nutrition counseling,
・Nutrition workshops,
・Menu planning for the athletes,
・Supervise educational tools based on nutrition.

Lectures and publications:

■Lectures and publications are available on topics such as: Health and nutrition trends in Japanese food, Sports and nutrition, etc.

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