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About Us

Welcome to Food Connection, a consulting firm in Tokyo, Japan since 2000. We have been providing support to our clients in the food industry and organizations, interested in food and health-promotion. Our service provides the most recent and in-depth information on food, nutrition, cooking and fitness.

Reiko Hashimoto, the director of Food Connection, is a registered dietitian, and has extensive international life experiences, as she spent years in Singapore, Norway and America with her family. She consults with menu planning, cooking, writing educational tools based on nutrition among others. She is well known for her expertise in sport nutrition, her pioneering work in improving the nutrition and performance of a Japanese professional soccer team and Japanese Olympic athletes.

As the food industry is becoming more and more global in its scope, Food Connection sincerely wishes to provide an in-depth food and nutrition information, to our clients, who are engaging and planning to expand in the Japanese food and health-promotions market share.

Reiko Hashimoto, the director of Food Connection
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